Death Cafe in Annascaul

Hosted by Aidan Gillespie


Sept. 23, 2022

Start time:

7:00 p.m. (Gmt)

End time:

8:30 p.m. (Gmt)


Annascaul Cafe and Pottery,Annascaul

Co kerry






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About this Death Cafe

We  have been to several death cafes and  that discussed masny issues. Often Death is a taboo subject.  I wanted to explore tjhs and make it  a subject that is worth discussing. 

The meetings that I have attended are never dull and are in fact enlightening,  often funny but poignant. 

Issues that often com eup are

1) Do we die the way we live ?

2) Can the dying teach us about living ? 

3) Find death before it finds you

4) Death Doulas

5) The importance of recognising people that have been  on the edge and who have no identity. It is important to pay tribute top those who have been marginalised

6) Dying alone is really sad



About Aidan Gillespie

Patricia  Kennedy is a social scientist, writer and university lecturer who is interested in all aspects of living and dying.


Aidan Gillespie does fund raising for mental health. He is a cafe owner and wishes to run a death cafe in Annascaul as he has an an interest in death and how people react with it 

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