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Ocala Death Cafe

Hosted by Centers for Spiritual Living


Sept. 3, 2022

Start time:

1:00 p.m. (est)

End time:

2:30 p.m. (est)


1009 Ne 28th Ave




United States


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About this Death Cafe

Hey Ocala!!! 

   Lets bust out the mugs and cake and talk about death, in a safe and awesome space all while eating yummy sweets! Centers for Spiritual Living Ocala have graciously allowed us to use their space! We will spend about an 1 1/2 together laughing till we cry and crying till we laugh. Each meeting we will have a topic to get the convo started depending on how many people we have depends on if we table hop. Which instead of just 3 people you end up talking to 6. Im so excited!! I got into this because death has always surrounded me and within my grief I found comfort in death. I realized this industry was my path my destiny my purpose if not me who? If not now when? Doing this type of work is a true calling it changes lives and reminds people to live to not live in the state of what ifs. It challenges us. It heals us, it changes us and more importantly it uplifts us. I am so grateful to be able to bring this to Ocala

About Centers for Spiritual Living

Debra Coffey is in EOL care. She believes in a good death also known as death positivity. She is currently working towards her Neda certification. She believes in having the tough conversations surrounding death and wants to help remove the stigma surrounding death. Deb has lost alot of immediate family and jumping into this work is what has allowed her to heal and come to terms with her own immortality. 

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