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Death Cafe Galway Online IST

Hosted by Bernie Folan


Dec. 7, 2021

Start time:

7:00 p.m. (IST)

End time:

8:30 p.m. (IST)



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An Online Death Cafe

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About this Death Cafe


Join us for an online conversation on death and dying.

This is a chance to talk together informally about something that affects us all in an open, respectful and confidential space. We meet simply as people who are each going to die. The objective is to allow a safe environment for people to explore issues surrounding death without an agenda, judgment, or criticism.
The group is focused on talking about death as a way to enhance the lives we live every day.

In the spirit of the Death Cafe model, we will not have an agenda to follow - the topics are brought by any group members who have something to share or ask. When you arrive at our Death Cafe, we have just two questions for you: What is your name, and why did you choose to come along today? You can choose to participate by speaking, or just by listening to what others have to say. Everyone is welcome.

Death Cafes are not for profit and have no agenda, objectives, advertising or themes - the conversations that happen are entirely dependent on the people who turn up.

They are not grief support or counselling sessions.

About Bernie Folan

Bernie Folan works in scholarly publishing. She has attended many Death Cafés over the years, as both facilitator and attendee and has hosted a Death Cafes in Galway and online. She has experienced the enrichment and transformative power that sharing a safe space to talk about death can bring. Believing passionately that open minds and hearts grow compassion and peace, she is keen to enable more Death Cafes.

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