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Full Moon Death Cafe Lakewood CO

Hosted by Stephanie Field


June 19, 2021

Start time:

3:00 p.m. (Mountain )

End time:

5:00 p.m. (Mountain )


9106 W 6th Ave

Lakewood, CO


United States


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About this Death Cafe

I guess I already stated why I'm holding a Death Café, but I do hope to make it fun.   
I will have one chair that is covered in satin with a "reserved for death" card on it.  The event will be in a location where there is a metaphysical shop/bookstore, so attendees can browse and purchase items before or after the meeting. Jean Wampler is the proprietor of Full Moon Books & Events Center.  I don't have any sponsors, I just paid for the space myself because I think it's important.  I have some nice Death decor for the space, and I thought about having a "comment card" for Death at the end, attendees can fill out a card and drop it in bowl.  Sometimes, just writing something down and casting it away can bring amazing changes. 

About Stephanie Field

I'm 48, a divorced mother of 2 adult teen boys. I have been walking hand in hand with Death for many years, after having spent my entire life up to that point in the greatest fear of Death.  I  have Death Doula training, and I have  witnessed the most beautiful deaths.  I want to be able to talk to people who don't look at me funny when I say "It was a wonderful death, I felt honored to be there". 

I am also 3 1/2 years sober, and was an active member of AA until COVID happened.   Working the 12 steps changed my perspective, and meeting with other like minded people regularly gave me a community that I felt safe with.  I feel the same energy when I get together with others and talk frankly about Death, so something that I can do to be of service to the greater good is to provide the safe space where more like minded people can gather and do that. 

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