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March Colliers Wood Death Cafe -GMT  ONLINE via Zoom

Hosted by Cecilia

An Online Death Cafe

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About this Death Cafe

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The Colliers Wood Death Cafe is not a grief support group or end-of-life planning session, but rather an informal space in which to explore your own thoughts and feelings in relation to all things death and dying.

It's not a debate chamber, either.  Everyone's thoughts and beliefs are welcome and afforded equal space and respect.  This promotes authenticity and honesty among strangers who come together with a simple common purpose - to bring these important topics into the open, and to dismantle the taboos with which they are so often shrouded.


Discussing death helps us make the most of our (finite) lives...

Death Cafes provide community members of any background, religion, culture or belief with the opportunity to meet in a safe, friendly, and relaxed environment to discuss thoughts, feelings, and experiences with death and dying - without the awkwardness often associated with this topic. 

Those who have studied attitudes toward death say that for most people, such conversations are healthy; talking about death can ease fears and help us live more fully.  The group is focused on talking about death as a way to enhance the lives we live every day.  

In the spirit of the Death Cafe model, we will not have an agenda to follow - the topics are brought by any group members who have something to share or ask.  When you arrive at our Death Cafe, we have just two questions for you: What is your name, and why did you choose to come along today?  You can choose to participate by speaking, or just by listening to what others have to say.

We facilitate the CWDC every month and are always amazed by the lovely people who attend - some to share, some to simply just listen.  People of all ages are interested and come from a wide variety of backgrounds with different values and beliefs.  The ambience is always warm and welcoming - there is laughter, sadness, honesty, sharing of hopes and fears, but it's never gloomy. 

The conversations can be about people's hopes and preferences, their fears, how they would want their dying to be; to remember and talk about the death of people they have loved and/or have known, and so on.  It’s a safe environment to talk about whatever’s on your mind in relation to end of life.

We would love to see you at one of our future Death Cafes which currently take place ONLINE via Zoom.  


Our meeting starts at 18:00, and will finish by 19:30 (UK time).


We look forward to having you join us and share your reflections.

Please follow the CWDC Facebook page and join our MeetUp group for further information about forthcoming events:


Confidentiality and Anonymity Statement

Who you see here

What you hear here

When you leave here...

Please let it stay here!

Researchers and journalists are most welcome to attend but are asked to please introduce themselves ahead of the meeting and participate fully in the discussion.

We ask that you refrain from recording our discussion or using any material from our meeting without the specific consent of everybody in the group - which should be sought and gained in advance. 

Please feel free to contact Cecilia for more information or further clarification.


Integrity Statement


The Colliers Wood Death Café is an open forum for discussing any aspect of death.  This is our primary purpose.


We do this by holding a space in which all may feel welcome and able to participate in our discussion. 


Together as a group we hold space for one another and are mindful of the priority to ensure that the space feels safe for all present.  We share responsibility to balance our need to share what we wish to, with others’ resources and circumstances to witness us in this forum.


We are not affiliated with any cause, and have no opinion on individual choices or positions.  We have a related guiding principle of not leading people to any product, conclusion, or course of action.  Death Café, as a worldwide organisation, never takes any stance.


The Colliers Wood Death Café does not adopt a position on any issues including those such as suicide, euthanasia etc.  

About Cecilia

Cecilia is an experienced psychotherapist and mindfulness teacher with a particular interest in the losses we all face, and a passion for the soulful work of supporting those facing death - either their own or of a loved one.


Alongside her London based therapy practice, Cecilia trained as an End of Life Doula - to accompany those at the end of their life and those around them.


Cecilia feels impassioned about creating an environment in which talking about death is both natural and comfortable.  She believes that talking openly about death, dying and bereavement can help us to accept the reality of our immortality as part of life, and ease some of the fears we all face.  


Her goal is to help people embrace life, live more fully in the present, and honour death by providing a safe environment in which meaningful conversations may take place.  Being able to reach her local community to encourage people to talk about death and dying is her ongoing aspiration.  The Colliers Wood Death Cafe is a continued source of inspiration! 


"We live knowing that everything dies.  Like the sun, it's a fact of life.  And like the sun, we tend not to look directly at it.  This opportunity to look death in the face is worth taking.”


March 28, 2021

Start time:

6:00 p.m. (BST)

End time:

7:30 p.m. (BST)