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Death Cafe Xi'an

Hosted by Ma jiayue,Shu tong


Dec. 5, 2020

Start time:

3:00 p.m. (+8)

End time:

5:00 p.m. (+8)


Precious food bakery

283 Dongyi Road, Xi'An





Accepts donations

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About this Death Cafe

一、活动主题古城死亡咖啡馆(第5期)(Death Cafe Xi'an二:主持人主办人(host):书彤主持人(facilitator):马嘉悦三、活动时间及地址报名时间:截止2020年12月4日18:00前;举办时间:2020年12月5日15:00-17:00活动地址:珍粮烘焙坊(陕西省西安市雁塔区世家星城二期4楼出电梯右侧四:人数及费用本次活动人数10人。死亡咖啡馆活动是非营利的,费用采取非强制捐赠(Donation)方式,建议捐赠金额77~100元/人,费用用于活动各项支出。请自愿参加的朋友于2020年12月4日前添加组织者@游魂 微信,以便组织安排。五、活动内容邀请大家坦然、真诚、轻松、平等地谈论关于死亡的所见所闻,或亲身经历,谈论逝者、死亡恐惧以及有关死亡的一切。六、联系方式
联系人:游魂联系电话:18329303169(同微信) 七、备 注本活动已在deathcafe.com网站注册,并尊重deathcafe的版权和伦理原则。大家报名后将免费获得和光翻译的Guide to running your own Death Cafe 指南-运行你自己的死亡咖啡馆。

About Ma jiayue,Shu tong

Death Cafe Xi'an
facilitator:Ma jiayue
host:Shu Tong
We have held more than 80 times book clubs, seminars, movie watching and other activities to talk about death。
Light Life Care Center is a hospice care charity organization initiated in 2017 by doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers, civil servants, and NGO workers in Xi'anChina. The purpose of Light Life Care Center is to provide psychological, social and spiritual support and care for the dying and their families, alleviate suffering, improve the quality of life, and promote hospice care and life education.