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Hosted by Stephanie Perrault

An Online Death Cafe

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2961 Lantz Ave

San Jose




United States

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About this Death Cafe


Due to the Covid19 Lockdown, I'm offering this event on Zoom, so you will need access to the internet, video and audio.


Death is inevitable, and yet it is often a taboo and delicate subject.  It is not an everyday topic of conversation and it is sometimes hard to know with whom, and where, we can discuss what’s on our minds freely. 

Existential questions are our daily companion, yet how often do we take or are we given a space to talk about our thoughts?

As a group we will hold an open and friendly space for each one of us to safely share about your thoughts, feelings, worries, fears, beliefs and stories surrounding the spectrum of death and any questions or concerns about death and dying.  

I am hugely passionate about giving airtime to these challenging conversations and increasing awareness.  

We believe that in doing so we become more familiar and confident with what is happening, what can be expected and what choices we have when we come to experience our own death or the death of others.



We will start the Los Gatos Death Café with introductions from the host and then it will be the attendees to introduce themselves and say what brings them to the Death Cafe.  
I hope this will be followed by lots of discussion and reflections as we share conversations together and see where they take us…
No set programme, no expectations except respect, honesty and compassion.


*  A Death Café is not a grief support or counselling group or counselling session, what we offer is an inviting, relaxed and respectful space for open discussion, without agenda, alongside healthy nourishing food and drinks.


New guests are welcome, as are previous ones.

About Stephanie Perrault

Stephanie Perrault is a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist and a practitioner/mediator in intelligence and assertive communication offering her services with a strong suit on mental health both nationally and internationally. 


Her study and work are focused on implementing healthy lifestyle practices, nutritional modifications along with medical herbalism and nutritional supplements therapies.  The primary objective is to re-balance mind & body chemistry following the principle of ancient vedict arts of healing which are a massive element towards true mental healing. She is dedicated to increasing the integration of holistic medicines into modern healthcare through teaching, writing and conducting public workshops.

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July 22, 2020

Start time:

7:00 p.m. (PST)

End time:

8:15 p.m. (PST)