Hosted by Lizzy Miles and Stonewall Columbus


April 30, 2013

Start time:

6:30 p.m. (EST)

End time:

8:30 p.m. (EST)


Stonewall Columbus

1160 N. High Street




United States



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About this Death Cafe

WHAT did you say?! “death café”?! Yes, you heard correctly. The objective of a death café is to create a safe place where people get together to talk about death and have tea and delicious dessert. This is not therapy or a grief group.  This is one-time event to facilitate open discussion about death and dying.


The death cafe will be facilitated by Lizzy Miles, who is the first to bring the concept here to the USA. The Stonewall Columbus death café will be co-facilitated by Stonewall Program Coordinator, Lori Gum.

We believe that a specific LGBT death café is necessary for our LGBT community so that the dialogue can be carried forth honestly without fear of “having to explain” our relationships, judgment of those relationships and/or attendees who may have a general disfavor towards our community.

But who wants to talk about death?  We believe that many of us do but often cannot find the means of addressing it with family and/or friends. We invite you to join us and take the first step towards that dialogue in a safe, secure and confidential atmosphere where like-minded individuals share your desire and curiosity about the end-of-life and its many peripheral issues.

Although the Stonewall Columbus death café is free, we ask that you register as there are a limited amount of seats.  If you register and then find that you cannot attend, please let us know so that someone else can take your place.  We often have waiting lists and do not wish to turn away any who could be accommodated by a cancellation.