HHA Guelph Death Cafe

Hosted by Home Hospice Association/Home Hospice Niagara


Feb. 19, 2020

Start time:

7:00 p.m. (Canada EST)

End time:

9:00 p.m. (Canada EST)


The Common Café

36 Wilson Street



N1H 2Z2




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About this Death Cafe


About Home Hospice Association/Home Hospice Niagara

About our host:

Home Hospice Association (HHA) aims to help communities develop resources to care for their dying in non-institutional environments. Much of the agency’s work also focuses on helping all members of any community die a ‘good death,’ however that may be defined. HHA's organizational values of choice, knowledge, community, collaboration, and empowerment at – and before – end of life lies directly in-line with the values of the Death Café movement.


About the Facilitator: Matthew Kron is a death doula candidate in Guelph and the surrounding area.  He sat with the mother of his children in the final few months of her life and was inspired to help others in this time of transition.  He volunteered at the Home Hospice Association in 2019 and is currently working to become a certified death doula.  He believes some of the pain and anxiety around the topic of death can be alleviated to some degree simply by voicing your thoughts and questions surrounding it.  This may help remove some of the heaviness that arises when we inevitably face this situation.