TC Death Cafe

Hosted by Marcel Ettesvold/Shanel Wright


March 21, 2020

Start time:

3:00 p.m. (Pacific)

End time:

5:00 p.m. (Pacific)


955 Northgate Drive

Richland, WA


United States



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About this Death Cafe

We are running this Death Cafe because we both feel it is a necessary and often times overlooked conversation that needs be held. Removing the stigma surrounding this and other difficult topics go a long way to help us all find peace. 

We plan on running our event extraordinarily lax. Introductions, possibly inquiring as to participants motivations for joining, with participation based solely on participants' comfort. We will start with a quote or a jump off point just to get the conversation flowing, but there is NO OUTLINE. We enjoy letting the conversation lead itself, where we end isn't dependent on where we start! 

We also ask that participants come with an open mind. As stated in the guidelines, there is no agenda or propagation of beliefs, just an open discussion of where everyone is coming from and an acceptance of other's opinions and beliefs as valid. Bearing this in mind, we employ a certain level of humor with things, not to diminish, but to provide a level of levity to help ease the heaviness of the conversation for some. That said, read the room and have a good time! We look forward to sharing this with all of you!

About Marcel Ettesvold/Shanel Wright

Marcel Ettesvold - I have always had a curiosity surrounding death and mortality. I minored in philosophy in college and have done vast amounts of research in my personal time over the years. I also bring years of experience dealing with death in many capacities (family, friends, clients, aquantences) and have been an objective participant in many conversations. I am a professional mental health counselor and have three years of experience facilitating groups of the Death Cafe nature and can promise a safe and healthy environment to ensure a productive conversation amongst participants. 

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