Fear of the Number 4

Lizzy Miles from Death Cafe Columbus and Megan Mooney from Death Cafe St. Joe recently visited Hong Kong to take part in the International Conference on Grief and Bereavement in Contemporary Society presenting on Death Cafe. This coincided with the first ever Death Cafe in Hong Kong hosted by Ms. Pearl Tse, Ms. Carmen Yau, & Dr. Andy Ho.

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Tretraphobia, or fear of the number 4, is very real in Hong Kong.  The elevators are missing the 4th and 13th floors.  The superstition against the number 4 is due to its Cantonese similarity to the word for death.  Here is an article about a current local controvery with the number 13.  Note at the bottom of the article, they were succesful with banning the number 4. 


Incidentally, our hotel is on the 8th floor which is a very lucky number indeed!


Yes, it is real indeed! We've noticed a few buildings with the number 88 or 888 on it but none with 4 in it, so far.

Posted by Death Cafe St. Joe/ Megan Mooney

Good to know in case I ever try to sell any books in China. (They won't like the title "WHOLEHEARTED: The Core Four Qualities of Inspired Lives and Careers").

Maybe I can write about the "Eight Essentials..."?

Sending you both positive vibes from the shores of mighty Lake Michigan.

Posted by Jim Sullivan