Terminal Velocity

Posted by GrainOfSand

Choosing a profile name can often be time consuming. Maybe something calculated, or just the first thing that comes to mind. First that came to me was PotatoCakes. Random and spontaneous, but odd and I'm not sure why my brain came up with that. But a name extreme may be a little excessive like...TallBridge. That required a little thought and would not be spontaneous. Because sometimes I think about that bridge but not potato cakes.

I wonder how long a grain of sand would take to hit the bottom. Probably would never achieve terminal velocity, rather softly bounce once arrived. Perhaps the wind would catch it then carry him to a safe place along the Rocky wall down. An eagles nest? Yea that sounds good and maybe it would land directly upon the eagle then situate itself between some feathers then later on when the bird was hungry it would whoosh off and both would go on an adventure. Mr. Grains days would take a complete 180 and perhaps be the best day of his life. Imagine himself as owner and master of the beast, finally a purpose to this exsistence. Sounds like fun to me.

But a grain of sand I am. Upon a massive rock within a really, really massive swirl of stuff. But it's all really small when compared to all the other swirls and rocks and grains out there. And of course the black void in between them all. So small and just here for a short while. That grain of sand will certainly outlive me and I'm pretty sure it serves more of a purpose than I do. So begins my morning on the third rock from the sun. Quite often my mornings are like this. There's that tree again go figure you're still there. Sometimes it looks different in the mornings sometimes it's got a little orange on it but today it's just green. Did not get up in time to see the sunrise.

Be nice if that wasn't the case, wouldn't mind not seeing that stupid tree some mornings. Look-e here it's back and go figure, my morning companion Mr. You're Pointless. Agreed, and I'm still here just here and don't really feel like fixing that. Would rather natural causes run the course then not be around the next morning. Really don't see a point in fixing this and starting my life over "get out there and quit crying go kick life's ass!!!" Why? I'm tired of being a robot in this system. And besides, the world still needs ditch diggers we can't all do what we love. Unless somehow I delude myself into thinking that accepting phone calls from disgruntled customers is what I love.

"Good morning, Ma'am. How may I assist you today?"

"My internet connection is gone I tried all of your stupid troubleshooting techniques and nothing worked don't you people understand that I'm going to miss Good Morning America!?!? This cannot happen I must see Micahel Strahan everyday otherwise I'll...."

Oh, to be an eagle. Soar and soar without much to do but eat and keep the nest together. But maybe fight the usual asshat acrhnemisis of mine they always try to steal my fish. Otherwise just tend to the cliff side nest and soar and maybe look for a mate and eat and soar some more then go look for the proper stick for repairs then...or a Hummingbird. Migratory to and fro from Mexico, high ho high ho it's off to North America I go, looking to get spun on sugar fun, high ho, high ho, high-hohohoho.

But no, no nope negative. Twas brought into society. Stand in line at SuperMart with all the other terrestrial folkel. I need to get home, and fast, Good Morning America is coming on and if I don't see Micahel Strahan every day then I'll not be able to stomach the call center. Must have the routine otherwise things might change in my life and strange behaviors may occur - those thoughts may come back. Of wanting to go, to go, it's off to the bridge I go, terminal veloc-a-t is call-ing me. Just go, just gogogogo.

So what do you do? Kinda just given up on the notion that this is worth fixing. I could write about it again in my phone note journal. For at least the 500th time. Instead, how about going online let's type something into Google about how you're pretty sure that you'll go out on your own terms someday. Found this place, the Death Cafe. Let's go ramble on here and maybe someone will have a reply because I can't soar through the sky. I mean I would, but in a terminal direction but today it sounds nice again. At least this moment but it burns off most always, those thiughts. That safe place my mind enters. Eventually it'll end why think about it anymore today you can't change it. But you can change your life and right now like go pet your cat and drink you're decaff coffee. It pisses me off that it needs special ordered at the Cafe, decaff. So tired of this oh no here comes the bridge again.

Just another day. Wondering why I'm here and there's really no point to it. Maybe that'll change someday. Not sure.