What happens when we die?

Posted by Mabmob

Please watch my video for a full explanation and discussion.



Dr. Burns



Mario, I listened and watched your video. Thank you for your thoughts and willingness to share. Yes, it is important to keep an open mind. Many of your points a very well presented and make sense. Please consider these:
We exist within an enormous creation (cosmos around us is proof).
There have been numerous efforts extended to the evolving life (us) on this planet that would help in our quest for understanding or Origin, History, and Destiny. Many, but not all, of these efforts to communicate have been lost or distorted through history, misunderstanding and/or ignorance. However, there remain some efforts which are available even today, which clearly illuminate and point us in the direction of understanding the central issues which you raise. There will never be a positive proof of the continuation of our individual life beyound this world, until we experience death, or more properly termed the dissolution of the material body. Faith is in fact the belief in this continuation and while there have been representations of this continuation presented to us down through the ages, nothing, nothing will substitute for the actual experience. That's part of the puzzle of life in an evolving creation.
That said, you are so right when you speak about the importance of recognizing and celebrating LIFE. We are alive, in this moment and that is ALL any one of us can be certain about. What a difference it would make within our world if we each understood that life is the quest, in this moment and the next, and the next, and so on... and that this life does continue and all those who we live with may continue by choice. Now here is a big question, Choice, what does that really mean? How can be each be expected to make a clear and informed choice when our circumstances are so, so vastly different or even distortional ?
How we live, how we treat others, what our goals are for ourselves and others how would these all change if we understood that life is a continuation? And the quest is really about being our best as we strive to comprehend and apply these Universal Values daily: Truth, Beauty, Goodness, Love, inclusion, compassion, etc. as we evolve and Experience them in our living relationships with other human beings in preparation to enter our next day of existence (continuation) through the doorway of that which we call Death.

Posted by Doug