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 I would like to share with you, The following paragraphs are taken from a lecture by Rudolf Steiner made over a hundred years ago. This lecture is available as a small book titled ‘ The Dead are with Us’ by Sophia Books. Or it can be obtained as a part of a further collection of lectures entitled ‘ Life beyond Death ’  found at  www.rudolfsteinerpress.com. 


       All history, all social dynamics, all ethical life, proceed by virtue of cooperation between the co-called living and the so-called dead. The whole human being (body,soul,and spirit) can be infinitely strengthened when he is conscious not only of his firm stand here in the physical world but is filled with the inner realisation of being able to say, the dead whom he has loved: is still with us, they are in our midst. 

Unfortunately many people think, when a human being has passed through the gate of death, his activity ceases as far as the physical world is concerned. But indeed this is not so ! There is a living and perpetual communication between the the so-called dead and the so-called living. Those who have passed on have not ceased to be present or active; it is only that our eyes have ceased to see them and we lack the ability to see them, they are here in every truth. Our thoughts, our feelings, our impulses of will, are all connected with the dead. We need not seek the dead through externalities but become inwardly conscious that they are always present. There is nothing more important for life, even for material life, than the strong and sure realisation of communion with the spiritual world. The so-called dead are always among us and around us.



  There is a fundamental principle of communication between the so-called living and the so-called dead is that, it is a total reverse of our familiar from of communication. And that is why it is very difficult to have direct communication with our loved ones. We would have to adapt ourselves to hear from them what we ourselves say to them, and receive from our own soul what they answer. Here on the physical plane we think that when something comes out of our soul, it comes from us. And we are far from being able to pay intimate enough attention to whether it is or not, or has it indeed, being inspired in us from the spiritual environment. Actually we are all, in constant communication with the dead, only our ordinary consciousness that functions during our waking hours knows nothing of this because the communication lies in the subconscious which remains dim. But when we sleep it is our ordinary consciousness that is dim and therefore experience nothing of that part of our life that is equally important to our biography. Our sleeping life must be taken into consideration if we are to understand our whole being. There is also another third state that is very important and there lies our bridge to the other side. It is ’ the act of waking and the act of sleeping’ which lasts only for brief seconds, for we immediately pass on into other conditions. But we can develop a delicate sensitivity for these special moments of waking and going to sleep. They can shed great light on the spiritual world. At these moments the spiritual world approaches us and sweeps with such power through the human soul. Through the whole of our life there are no such moments when we do not come into relation with the co-called dead, therefore these special moments are especially favourable for us to turn to our loved ones whom have passed on. Suppose we want to ask the deceased something- what lies in the depths of our soul can pass over to them. But we must understand it is not a manner of converse that we are normally accustomed to, the dead can neither hear nor takes in this kind of speech. We must unite the life of feeling with our thoughts and ideas. Therefore our question to them must be put in a particular way, it must not merely be a thought -it must be imbued with feeling and will. Your relationship must be one of the heart, of inner interest. This feeling can take root in the soul and passes over at night in the moment of sleep. Try to realise vividly what was the nature of your particular interest in the one who has died. Think of actual experiences with him/ her, actual moments when you were together. Then ask yourself; what was it about him/her that particularly interested me ? when was it that I was so deeply impressed, liked what he/she said, or the moment you were most strongly connected, then turn this into a desire to speak with him/her. Develop the feeling with purity of heart and let the question arise out of the interest you took in him/her.

This ‘question’ if prepared during the day remains in your soul and will pass over when you go to sleep, even without you knowing it. What has passed over often remains present in ones dream, though we often interpret them incorrectly. The dream echoes the question we have directed to the dead- we should see in the dream something that goes out from our soul to the dead. 

        For us here, the moment of going to sleep is ‘past’ when the moment of waking arrives. In the spiritual world, however the moment of falling asleep has not gone, we are only, at the moment of waking, a little further distant from it. There time becomes space, an event that has passed simply means that it is still there, but it just further away from us. In the moment you awaken your soul carries back the reply from them, though it seems as if the answer or thought has come from our own soul, but actually in reality it comes from them. In this way it is possible to keep the relationship alive. Very much comes from the dead, a great deal of what we undertake in life is really inspired in us by the dead or by beings of the higher hierarchies, although we attribute it to ourselves, imagining that it comes from our own soul. If people knew what life truly is, this knowledge would engender a feeling of reverence and piety towards the spiritual world in which we are always living, together with the dead with whom we are connected. We should realise that in much of what we do, the dead are working. Around us like the very air we breathe, there is a spiritual world, the dead are round about us only we are not able to perceive them - this knowledge must permeate the soul as inner life. The dead speak to us inwardly but we interpret our own inner life incorrectly. In our inmost being we are united with the souls who are the so-called dead. 

           Regardless of which religious believe we hold, or if any believe, all we need is our own body, for it alone is the instrument to witness directly the spiritual knowledge we hold deep within, if we only allow ourselves to go within, develop our inner life with practice we can know and experience the great mysterious and spiritual depth of our being. If we do not manage to experience it in our earthly life, it shall be revealed to us in our life after death.


      When someone we love dies, it is us that are left behind in sorrow, it seems as though they have just ‘disappeared’, indeed they have departed from this earth, their time here has sadly for us come to an end, but it is not theend. They continue on their journey, not within of the physical realm, not in the body that we have got to know so well, but into the unknown invisible realms of the soul and spirit.. 

 There on the other side our soul continues on its great journey in spirit and fulfilling human destiny. The spiritual world is as real as this physical world, though here with our ordinary sense perception we are not conscious of it and of course natural science cannot and will not ever find it, but that does not mean it does not exist. It is deliberately veiled and hidden from us, so that humanity can develop to fully incarnate into our earthly body, engage in our earthly deeds and experience in depth physical matter and earth substances.

    When we lose a loved one, grief and sorrow is a very natural process. For us, they are lost to us. Physically they have been taken away from us, and you realise how much you really miss them and the depth of your love for them. It is not at all the same when a soul passes through the gate of death in relatively early years or in later life. Children who have died, remain with us in a spiritual sense, we do not lose them. They continue to be with us, spiritually with us. Of older people the opposite maybe said. They do not lose us, they are strongly drawn to the spiritual world, but this also gives them the power so to work into the physical world and are endowed with higher faculties of perception and are then able to enter easily into the souls on earth, they do not lose the souls on earth. And we do not lose little children, for they remain more or less within the sphere of earthly man.


When a child dies, the pain of those who remain behind is really a kind of compassion. Children remain with us spiritually because we have been united with them, they convey their pain to our souls; we feel their pain - that they would prefer to be still here physically with us. Their pain is eased when we bear it with them. The child feels in us, shares his feelings with us, and it is good that it should be so; his pain is thereby softened. When thinking of the child who is still with us spiritually, it is best to address our thoughts and prayers which will draw near to him/her, when we are going to sleep, shape our thoughts in a more wide and universal form, for instance thinking of all the children who have passed on.


 When a friend or relative dies, we mourn and feel pain. But it is important to realise it is our sorrow, it is our pain, not theirs. And so it is egotistical pain. We should not allow ourselves to be talked out of it either, but rather grow strong enough to bear the sorrow. In reality we have not really lost them either - physically yes, but actually they are still present with us, just on a different plane of existence.For the dead, they experience no loss but union. The love you have for them will strengthen them on their journey into the spiritual world. It is important to find the strength to let them go, take comfort in the knowledge that your soul shall meet with theirs again and remember they are always present with us. It is of great benefit to them, to accompany them on their journey with your prayers and thoughts, share with them not your sorrow, but your love for them, and keep them ‘alive’ within you. Light a candle, read to them, go for a quite walk -taking them within you in heart and mind. Recall all your fond memories of them and rejoice in the gift of having had your time with them, thinking of what he/ she was as an individual and what his/her value was for the world, make him/she inwardly alive.



In death, the human being experiences their whole life simultaneously as it rises up in a great ‘panorama' before them. Each soul bears irrevocably within it the spiritual forces which draw it upward, because, in its deepest nature, it is from above. But there we are our own honest judge of our earthly life, our soul then knows in which region of the cosmos it belongs, how swiftly, how consciously it can enter into the higher, the highest worlds, which all lie open for it. The inward preparation that each soul brings declares itself. There the soul has contact and can make links only with those human souls, whether still living on earth or in the spiritual world, with whom he has already been karmically connected on earth in the last or in an earlier incarnation. We must not assume the number of souls is small, for we all have had many lives on earth. When the newly deceased becomes acquainted with a soul, he feels himself within the other soul, feeling at one with them. The other experience is that they can feel outside of the other soul because they are not in a position to turn their attention to them or do not notice them. Similarly, the soul of the Human being also experiences to be within or outside the beings of the hierarchies, the Angeloi, Archangel, Archai and so on.

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