Cadaverous 1

This material makes me afraid. There is a big part of me that wants to not to look.

But through looking at death .... such wonders!

Below is my attempt to explain the objectives for this work. I'm suggesting a dialogue with fear of and aversion to death. I'm saying that we should look at this, not try to zone it out.

Because if we don't look at it then death rules our lives. And how does that play out? There is a lot of behaviour in our societies that I would call 'deathly'.

We are the only animal that know it is going to die. This blog aims to reflect what we think about it. And you know what? As well as being scary and challenging there is a lot in this stuff that is great. There is great compassion, great humour and great humanity. And through looking at it I think there is a better life. More fun, more laughter, more alive.

Join me in a dance with death!