A recent speech I gave on my death experience

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Speech given by Ernie Schroeder 06NOV2018






What is your purpose? Do you have a purpose?


Have you ever thought about it?






Until September 1st 1975, I wasn’t sure I had a purpose. I’m not sure I even thought about it.


Now, the thought eats on me, a little bit, every day.


You see, on September 1st 1975, I had a head-on collision with a drunk driver. After impact, I was laying on the ground racked with pain.  My sense of ‘feel’ started leaving me, moving down from my head and up from my toes. Where it passed, the pain was gone. When my senses centered at my solar plexus, I floated out of my body.


I was now an orb of energy, tethered to my body down below by an umbilical cord. My life force was draining out of my body and into this orb state. I knew when all my energy left my body, I’d never be able to return to it.


As I was waiting for the life force energy to completely transfer, I became aware of a wall of love moving toward me. It eventually surrounded me completely. I was surrounded in unconditional love, and it was amazing.


I said out loud as if thinking, “I’m dying. I’m just going to let it happen. It is the easiest way.”


I should not have said those words, ‘easiest way’. Because those words started echoing, ‘easiest way, easiest way, easiest way…’.


Each time it echoed, the less comfortable I felt, because I realized I had not yet completed my mission, my life purpose.


So I turned to God and said, “Wait, I’m good, but I can be better. Let me make it this time and I promise next time I’ll be ready.


Then, I popped back into my body.


You see, I asked to return to my body because it was communicated to me that I had a purpose and I had not completed that purpose. I had not yet completed my mission.


The clincher is, now that I’m back, I’m not sure what my purpose is. You see, when I was out of my body, my purpose was clear, but when I returned to my body, that knowledge was removed from me.


Perhaps if we all new our mission from birth, ‘faith’ would have no meaning.


BTW, you may wonder, Did I become a religious person after my accident?


Actually, I was a religious person before my accident, to the point that I seriously considered becoming a Catholic priest.


After my accident, I changed from a religious person to a spiritual person. There is a difference.


A religious person will do what he is told... no matter what is right... whereas a spiritual person will do what is right... no matter what he is told.




Here is a thought to chew on... When fulfilling your life purpose, Is it a grand finale, like the end of a big firework show, or is it a lifelong series of small day-to-day encounters, like random acts of kindness?


I think it could be either, or even both.




In conclusion, If you were to ask me, Ernie, what do you know for sure after having a death experience? I would say, for sure,


·      We all have a life purpose.


·      There is a God.


·      That God loves us all, equally and unconditionally.


I may not remember my purpose after having a DE, but I know WE ALL HAVE A PURPOSE.


So I ask you to consider…


What is your purpose?



I had a death experience too. It was different from the one you describe, but it also left me knowing I came back for a reason. I think I've figured out what my purpose is, but I had to figure it out. I wasn't told. Only that I had to go back because I had something important to do. At least important to me, was that I no longer fear death. That knowing changes everything.

Thanks for sharing, Ernie.

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Beautiful quote

'A religious person will do what he is told... no matter what is right... whereas a spiritual person will do what is right... no matter what he is told.'

Beautiful quote Ernie. Thanks for sharing

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