Death,no heart

Posted by win4whole

Dead and death,I scare.

I do believe when the time come,we will release.

I knew dead the time when I saw people not move,heart stop,face change,body that cold.

That my grandmother,I was 17 years old,he passed away,and she stun for few day.

I was hurt by that.The love one I willl never met again in the future.

It noted me life is precious,enjoy life,no sad.

Nobody know what will happen next

Everybody will die,not only older,but everyone,whenever the time come.

For me,I scare dead,I scare tomorrow,soon,e.t.c.

Life goes on,we need to work hard for the best,next generation,e.t.c.

If we can create one environment that friendly,I do believe we will much stronger.

In fact,we are bound with the environment,there is too much possibility

Where should tee

If die no tee,we do not lost anybody,I will not scare die.

Where is then?

If the community more peace and harmony,maybe we will different.

Who know?

Maybe one day we will tee

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