Your Death Cafe Experience

Posted by earlck

Thank you to everyone that gave their response for my research. The survey is now closed. 


I agree. I would participate, but too much specific identifying info. required in a public forum.

Posted by Susan

I'd really like to support your scholarship, but you are asking for identifying personal information, which is not usual for research participation and does not meet my needs for safety and privacy. Consider how this becomes a barrier to participation, and how it might result in fewer good responses.

Posted by SM

Agree with others commenting, too much personal info. required to participate

Posted by Beth

To the above comments: Please skip those questions about your privacy and go onto the next ones that you feel comfortable answering.

Posted by Alyce

Host, Death Cafe NYC

I urge you to visit the pages on our website which archives actual conversations that have taken place since 2013 at our Death Cafe in NYC, and also lists the subjects' (estimate) ages:


Feel free to contact me: or 773-255-4677

Posted by Nancy Gershman

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