Death Cafe London - mid point update

Today is the half way period in our community share offer to open a ‘real’ Death Cafe in London. So far 140 investors have bought 670 shares at £50 each, raising over £33,500.  


This is amazing and we’re sincerely grateful to everyone who has invested or supported the project. But, as our business plan sets out, we would realistically need 10 times this to proceed. Even with a further 30 days to run, our target seems unachievable.


This doesn’t mean that Death Cafe London has been a failure or is no longer worth investing in. We have put forward an innovative and credible proposition to take more conversations about death on to the high street. In the process we have got many people talking and thinking about death, which is exactly why Death Cafe exists.


Some have said that they did not connect emotionally with the project, perhaps because it looks like a ‘Death Cafe project.’ However ‘Death Cafe’ is just a label and Death Cafe London would be owned and run by the community. It would develop just as the community wanted, whilst showcasing amazing work around death and inspiring the creation of more.


There is still 1 month to buy £50 shares in Death Cafe London if you’re moved to. It is also possible to donate to the project from as little as £1. If we don’t reach our minimum target of £250,000 then no money invested in or donated to the project would be taken.


We have also now been approved by HMRC for Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS/EIS). This means that if we do reach our target then UK taxpayers will be qualify for 50% or 30% tax relief.


Please do invest, safe in the knowledge that your money is unlikely to be taken. Even if we don't reach our target you will have been part of something special - a campaign to set up a cafe in central London focused on talking about death. And if by some miracle we do reach the target, you will be part of something incredible.