Death Cafe London - share offer to go live in October 2015

Tl;dr: The project, to open a 'real' Death Cafe in London, is going great! To raise funds we’ll be offering community shares from October 2015. Please support us with encouragement and pledges or contact us to get involved.



There is good progress to report with the plan to open a ‘real’ Death Cafe in London :)


If you have not heard about this before, we’re working to open a coffee and events venue in central London called Death Café London, offering people an opportunity to engage with death (and cake).


As well as an open café space, this will feature arts, events, meeting and training for people to explore death, dying and related topics.


Death Café London remains a very powerful and exciting project and things are picking up speed. More and more people are expressing support and getting involved. This work feels timely and resonant.


We’ve established the right legal structure for this venture (a not-for-profit Community Benefit Society) and we’re setting this up. We’ve also set out some foundational principles around inclusion.


We’re clearer that our food and drink offer will be based around something we love - amazing cakes, and great tea and coffee to go with them.


The 15 or so people who have read our draft business plan have consistently been positive and excited. We’re now getting more and more focused on the numbers. There is also no doubt that this venture is financially viable – if people choose to come. And our experience with Death Café has indicated that in London people would.


And now we have a timescale to test this. We will launch a community share offer in October 2015 and if we meet our funding target then Death Café London will become a reality.


Death Café London will only exist if lots of people really want it to. If you want to make Death Café London happen please support us by:

- Pledging to buy shares when they’re offered in October

- Letting us hear your encouragement and support

- Writing and speaking about about these plans,

- Offering your skills, knowledge and connections to the project

- If you’re in London, skilled, resourceful and brave - becoming a board member.


If you'd like to help please get in touch. More details about this project will be available soon. We’re also looking to hold some events and conference calls to expolre plans in more detail.


Thanks so much to everyone supporting this work :)




To read more about this project please see our Death Café London page for further updates.


crossing Over and Coming home

We wrote Crossing Over and Coming Home which covers LGBT Near Death experiences. Please send in your (Gay and Non Gay) stories for a second book to: Please put out a copy in the New Death Cafe and wishing you success!!

Posted by Liz dale

Jon this post makes my heart smile

Posted by Zeleka Sutherland

Wonderful to read you are so near opening up. I will surely come and visit you when I'm in London. Will buy a share or two or three.

Posted by Lis Horwich


I'm so glad this is happening. I will support wholeheartedly when it opens!

Posted by Ali

This is very exciting news. Would very much like to be involved and offer my own skills and experience. Look forward to hear more about how this project develops.

Posted by Kim

We need this.

Posted by Kanna


Jon, this is fantastic news and I wish Death Cafe every success! I'm sure you've looked into it, but wanted to recommend KcikStarter as a crowd-funding option. The Urban Death Project recently used it and was able to raise what they needed for their research into human composting (I think they raised over $80K USD).

You may want to reach out to Katrina Spade to ask her about the experience.

Fingers and toes crossed for this venture!

Posted by Val Lovelace


I for one would love to invest in this venture - it's a brilliant idea!

Will keep my eyes open and my ear to the ground!

Posted by Elaine Ambrose

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