Death Cafe London – we're moving forward

Our vote on whether to try to set up a 'real' Death Cafe in London has now closed. In total we had 139 votes. Of these:

- 126 (91%) voted 'Yes we should try to set up a real Death Cafe in London'

- 13 (9%) voted 'No we shouldn't try to set up a real Death Cafe in London'


When voting started I really didn't know which way it would go at all. But (who knew?) there is clearly an appetitie for us to try and do this. I think this in itself is remarkable considering the society we live in. Even seriously contemplating such a thing - a 'Death Cafe' in the middle of London - seems deliciously extraordinary to me :)


The vote has establishied that we should move to the next stage which is raising the funds. There is now a significant amount of work to do i.e.:

- Preparing a robust business plan which looks in depth at the sustainability to this venture
- Setting up Death Cafe London as a legal entity (a Community Benefit Society)
- Developing a prospectus for a community share offer to raise the funding needed
- Restating / developing our values to fit with this new manifestation of Death Cafe


To help develop these elements, Death Cafe London needs to have an interim board. Please email me (underwoodjon @ if you'd be interested in being on this. The main qualities we're looking for in board members are great enthusiasm for the project, experience of catering, fundraising skills and an understanding of social business startups. Board members also should have a strong committment to diversity. We welcome applications from diverse communities.


Whilst these elements will move forward as quickly as possible please be aware that I am co-ordinating this as a volunteer. Also I am committed to making this project as amazing as it can be which takes time. So please bear with me. Your support, questions and comments are always appreciated.




Hi Jon

Would like to know more to see if I can help in any way.
Call me on 07870 518292 or

Best wishes


Posted by Simon Ferrar


If I can be of use in establishing a Death Café do contact me



Posted by Alan West