Death is Beautiful

Posted by Abrasax

Everything must have its end, or there is no Beginning.

Death is not the opposite of Life, but the counterpart to Birth.

Death is beautiful because it represents change.

I have no fear because I Trust Life. 

I Respect Death and only accept it's Calling when I know it's my Time.

Dying is the most pure form of Beauty.

We Return to our Innocence as a molecule of the body of the Creator, only to be Reborn in a higher form than before.

I long for Death as I Return to its semblance each Night in my Dark Sleep.

Death is Peace.

Death is Joy. Death is Purity. Death is True Freedom.



Death is inevitable!

Death, a beautiful reality of life none can deny. It is not something to be scared of it is just a start of new journey!!

Posted by Fatima


Well I have seen life and I have seen loved ones die. Death is not the end because I have seen that it is a transformation. My mum lived, suffered and then slipped into death and the end was peace.

Posted by Doc G

Comment Says All

Death = School

Posted by School Girl


the answer to all problems of life is one: DEATH, the true peace, the true freedom

Posted by a ordinary man


Death is wonderful, it's beautiful it represents true freedom. I'm not the only one who thinks this, I mean who wouldn't want to check in to hotel bella muerte, a place where you can finally march freely and sing your beautiful broken tune, death isn't scary it's basically where you can live your most beautiful memory for eternity. For people in sickness they no longer live suffering, they live in bliss, bad people, there will always be light for them, they would live life before their mind went blank. Slip into the tragedy where you spun your most beautiful web.

Posted by Leilani


Death is merely another state of being.

Life and death are joyful (depending on the observer).

Life and death is is a transformation of energy composed of atoms.

I embrace both life and death as a journey of truth. (2/8/17)

Posted by Nichii


Unknown so feared.

Posted by Elisha


Death is what makes life worth living, it gives you the benefit of the doubt, even if you can't complete your dreams in life death will relieve the pain of failure. You will know that what death leads to will give you the most satisfaction for death is indiscriminate it doesn't judge you on what you've accomplished in your painful life.

Posted by I cant remember

Isn't death only finishing what we started? It doesn't respect how far we've come. Death awaits after a journey in life, but isn't it cruel when life doesn't get finish what it has begun? When it cuts into life?

What is an artist who never got to finish his painting.

What is a lover who never said the necessary words to the other end?

What is a beautiful tune that never got to played?

To accept death are words of an old man, sitting in his chair awaiting the inevitable after a fulfilling life.

Death is is not the last page of a book. It is closing the book and never opening it again. But where is the beauty in never getting to read the last page?

Posted by Apotropos

from heart

Death is a start ... start of a new journey ...

its the call of the examiner who says pens down and your mind suddenly goes at ease ...

knowing exam is over...

Posted by zubair

i appreciate death as it is a gateway to freedom.

Posted by tailor

I love ❤ death

Posted by dd


Death is a beautiful can be a relentless bitch...once you have the freedom of not caring or doing you can be set doesn't have to be sad sometimes it is the best answer to everything

Posted by Me

This is beautiful

Posted by Hayley Smith


Death is pretty

Posted by Glenda


Death is significant

Posted by Brandi

Death is the way to new journey

Why to fear death? It is the mere starting of a new life ...after all nothing can stay for long..every thing has an end.there is something called reincarnation ...may be it a personal belief but I do belive in it.and there is an intermediate space between death nd the new life nd i really wanna experience it

Posted by Parvathy pradeep

Falling Safely Into the Arms of Death

I look around and all i see is heartache after heartache. So many disappointments and such pain. Everywhere everyone is looking for someone to love them, a place that they feel safe. Death such a beautiful welcoming. No more pain, no more mistrust. Just freedom, beautiful sweet wanted freedom

Posted by Ckb

A very good free book is available to help overcome fear of death: "Dying is beautiful" from:

Posted by Paride


Why am I so terrified of death. I sit alone researching life after death praying trying to find some answer that will give peace to my aching mind. It drives me insane the unknown... what if this is it?? An it all just goes dark? That scares me so badly there has to be something after this horribly cruel an painful world doesnt there?

Posted by Scared

Where is the beauty when life was given up on and left us here with broken hearts and souls. An end of a life far too soon. An end of life that had so much more to give. Although they may be at peace, at rest, we are left here missing their beautiful smile their wisdom their trusting love.

Posted by Broken daughter

Complex Grief and Trust

Grief over a loved one leaving the world so soon present parents and other loved ones with complexities. We are to look brightly on the death journey as part of a cycle, like changing seasons. Well, the cold, bleak winter is long and freezes the minds of those missing a promising young man. And we didn’t get to wave “See ya later- but I hope not right away! And yet, grief is torturous and winter is long. Perhaps the best thing to think is the seeds that will pop up in spring. Those seeds, in purest and beautiful form are LOVE. If we carry on and nurture these seeds left behind, both our absent loved ones and the nurtured living seeds will both be pleased- and will please The One who made heaven and earth & everything in them. Leaving love seeds behind and nurturing love seeds will indeed bond souls of both the departed and those left to leave the same when God’s calendar calls them to the meeting at the place called eternity. Only then can tragedy turn to faith and trust in the unknown.

Posted by Denna


Have you ever heard of someone who dies and come back to life?
Because Death is much more beautiful and peaceful than life.

Posted by Hindu Monk

Hmm, death now that’s something I really crave, the end to worry of life and the start of a new beginning in the spiritual realm, the possibilities are endless, and unless your high on life death is a blessing.

Posted by Ash

most beautiful thing

Death is most beautiful thing in our life

Posted by sonu

most beautiful thing

Death is most beautiful thing because it represent chance. Death is peace ,
Death is joy and Death is
True freedom

Posted by sonu

Death is peaceful ,way to freedom

When I thought about life and it's complexity I got into deep thinking may because I am a thinker then I realize that it all will end one day there will be no complexities no comparison no cursing oneself ..
Death is really a way to freedom..
it's beautiful because there will be no comparison no judgement..

Posted by Sandy

Birth is the greatest sin.
Death is the greatest win.

Posted by Naveen Bharathi

Is life beautiful?

Posted by Eshan

Endearment of death

It's been years my heart is grieving for some one I love I wanna go far far away from this stabbing pain the only thing is help me out of this is death isn't it beautiful
How much pain you hold on how much struggle you are going through suddenly You got free from all of those nightmares that haunting you every day
Death is a angels hug it's very beautiful

Posted by Nagalakshmi


I can't wait to die. Not going to kill myself but I think about it everyday. I just don't want to be reborn. Absolutely not lol. I want to live a peaceful life in heaven forever. I just can't wait to remove myself from this world.

Posted by Angela

Life is merely a projection of one living organism on the other . According to yoga we live our life with ego which leads to all the sufferings
And pain .some how death manages to pull us out of our ego and and create room for other lives to add something new to this world which actually give life it's meaning

Posted by Hades _anime_art

This life with so much pain and beauty. A chance to maybe live once more as a bird, an ant, a tree, a speckle of soil. To leave behind those who are born and to give those a chance to experience, to create life. Or maybe to see my ancestors and help those in this world. The grand mystery and one I look forward to.

Posted by Janice


When you realise that you are undeniably a part of everything you lose the fear of death, You are made of energy which has organised into atoms creating these wonderfully complex structures we call our bodies. We should enjoy the experience of life and fulfil our desires while we are here. We chose to be here in the first place and that means we had a reason, a goal, a purpose. The physical experience of life is so unique and the fact that we are here now is such a bizarre thing. We should enjoy the illusion of mortality as if we are watching a movie where all the tickets were sold out because at the end of the movie you will leave the theatre and reflect on what you just saw, you are learning from this life and death is your most natural state. It is simply our consciousness retracting from this physical dimension in order to return to its true eternal self, a self that has no resistance, no worries and a feeling of pure connection with all that is.

Posted by Dillon

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