terminal ill person apt for DC?

Posted by caminantecalero on Aug. 23, 2018, 3:31 p.m. 2 comments


Im am soon hosting my first death cafe and while contacting people I met a neighbour that has a terminal illnes, I have not talked to him about the DC yet and I am not sure if this environment could also benefit a terminal patient?

Any points of view regarding this?


Thank you


Death Cafe for Terminal Patient

I think it depends on his or her level of readiness and willingness to discuss all the thousands of issues surrounding death and dying. If you are close enough to this person to elicit where he or she is in his or her spirit, you might be able, through wise discernment, whether or not a Death Café experience would be beneficial.

Posted by Paula Schneider

Terminally Ill attendance at DC

Does the person in question know and accept that they are terminally ill?

If they don't, then the experience of a Death Cafe, or even its suggestion would be a great mistake!

If they do then it would be advisable for them to come with a friend/relative who also knows the facts.

I that case I think they should be encouraged to come, and be told that they can arrive or leave at will.

I think they should be encouraged to talk about their own preceptions and to ask any questions they may have. They should be given an unusually extended chance to say or ask anything they may wish.

After all is may be their last chance to do so.

[Lewisham DC founder: Just coming up to our 36th consecutive meeting in October!]

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