Einstein’s Afterlife Realm

Posted by Quack on Aug. 7, 2018, 11:38 a.m.

Let's say Einstein is about to die, but before he does a 'being', working behind the scenes, transfers Einstein's consciousness to a robot shell which Einstein is quickly able to control. Einstein then makes his way towards a light where he finds a room. There, Einstein realises that having died, and as there is no God, he must have created the robot shell and afterlife room himself.


So Einstein gets to work, first discovering how time travel can be accomplished, and then discovering how to create building blocks from nothing. So he travels back 100 years, and by creating building blocks, he builds the afterlife room. He then builds a robot shell from more building blocks and brings it to his death bed, where, behind the scenes, he transfers the dying Einstein's consciousness to the robot shell.



So a simple afterlife awaits Einstein. Now consider what can be achieved together with all the scientists who have or will die:- the afterlife room will be perfected to become the afterlife realm, and the robot shell will be perfected to become the spirit body.


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