Death Cafe Powell River

Posted by spdheather on May 30, 2018, 3:26 p.m. 2 comments

Wow!  Hosted our first Death Cafe (forgot to take pics!) and we had 12 people show up!!  It was an amazing night, good feedback (some good, some concerns) and even "so, when is the next cafe?".  We now have our second cafe booked for June 19th, with a break in through summer.  There was talk about having guest speakers come from our local First Nations.  Anyone else been asked about people coming to 'share info'?  I've explained the whole concept (evening started out talking about the history of the Death Cafe's to give people a better understanding) but people are still curious about rituals and such.  Any suggestions around this?  Maybe just placing a poster at the Government House that the cafe is happening and if someone from the area wants to come, ask questions??  

Really looking forward to our next cafe, June 19th.  Thanks for your suggestions in advance.



Guest speakers are not allowed at Death Cafe. The guidelines are posted under the "Hold a Death Cafe" tab. There's nothing to say you cannot hold an information night with guest speaker, it just cannot be associated with Death Cafe.

Posted by Jessica Johnson

Speakers aren't allowed at Death Cafe's unfortunately.

Posted by bevldownie

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