How to host a large cafe?

Posted by Jackie Yaeger on April 14, 2018, 7:33 p.m. 1 comment

We have our 5th upcoming cafe in about a week. It seems that this will be attended by quite a few people compared to the others I have hosted. I will have the host set up tables with 6-8 chairs at each and it sounds like we may have 5 or 6 tables.  I will do an introduction to the entire group but then plan to have myself and one other experienced facilitator rotate around the room and trouble shoot. I am starting to think that I may need a facilitator at each table.  What do you all think? Are there some ground rules that I can give to one person at each table and kind of "deputize" them as volunteer facilitators?


Ann Arbor Experience

I recently attended the Death Cafe in Ann Arbor where almost 50 people were present. They started with small groups of 4-5 people for an hour, then came together in one group for the final hour - each group summarized what they talked about, other comments/observations were made, and people were encouraged to only speak once so no one person monopolized the time

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