Posted by MsKidgie on Oct. 16, 2017, 11:16 p.m. 1 comment

Hi, everyone! I was wondering if anyone else has used flyers to help promote their cafe. I'm looking for ways to promote mine, the third coming this Novemeber, and I'd like to make some, but thought I'd ask you all with more experience first.

Graphics I think I have a handle on, but I am wondering about which description of what cafes are best. I don't want to be too wordy, but I'd like people to really know what they are. 

Thanks in advance...working on one now! 


Hi there, I just wondered if you received any suggestions or help about flyers.
I would like to visit a few cafes in my area and leave them with a bit of info,to see if they would be interested in being the venue for one.

Posted by Chiara Lloyd-Yeates

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