How often to hold a Death Cafe?

Posted by Nicole Durman on May 30, 2017, 9:02 a.m. 3 comments

I have just held my first Death Cafe and it turned out well with a great turn out.  I am planning the next one and have booked early September. I only planned on doing this quarterly. However I am getting advice that it's too far away and I should try to hold one in July. I feel like people will be away on holiday and I too am very busy this summer. 


How often do you hold Death Cafes? I know a practitioner that does one everyear month, but I work and have a family and don't have the energy. I thought September would be fine but now worried it is too far away!


Well done!

Glad you had a success with your first DC - fun aren't they? I am regularly surprised by loud laughter from other tables (and sometimes the one I am sitting on). I guess one says, Serious but not solemn.
We hold them about once every 3 months. That works OK for us.
Fred of Fred-and-Aneetee who hold DCs in Kingston, UK

Posted by Annette-and-Fred

Dont be pressurised into doing more than you feel good about: many people will want the death cafe to be more frequent, later, earlier, on a different day, longer or shorter: you are organising it, that's the good thing. If someone wants more, they can organise the others...

Posted by Emily

NJ Death Cafe Facilitator

I hold Death Cafes in October, late April and July. I find people don't come from Nov-Jan because of the holidays and don't come from Jan-April because of bad weather. (I live in NJ).

Posted by Stephanie Kip

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