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Posted by Heather Black on May 24, 2017, 7:29 p.m. 1 comment

I want to past the details for my second Death Cafe. The only place I can find to do that is on the "Host a Death Cafe" form. I thought that was for craeting it the first time. Or, do I just change the address every month? - Heather Austin North


Hi Heather,

Thanks for your post and for asking this question. Posting Death Cafes does cause issues for quite a number of people so you are not alone.

To post a Death Cafe from the Death Cafe website homepage click 'Hold a Death Cafe' and from the dropdown menu select 'Post your Death Cafe' and fill in the form.

At the moment, every separate Death Cafe needs to be posted individually.

It's never good to change the date of a previous Death Cafe to a new one, though this does happen sometimes.

There is a quick way to create a new Death Cafe by making a copy of a previous Death Cafe.

To use this shortcut go to your home page:

Next to each previous Death Cafe, on the bottom right, is an option to "Use this as a template to create a new Death Cafe"

If you click this it will create a new Death Cafe.

I hope that helps. I am working to improve the guide and add faqs along these lines.

All the best,


Posted by Jon Underwood

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