The Hourglass: Life as an Aging Mortal

Posted by Pam Cuming on April 17, 2016, 5:51 p.m. 1 comment

The Hourglass: Life as an Aging Mortal

In The Hourglass: Life as an Aging Mortal, Pamela Cuming invites us to contemplate how we can find the courage to age and to confront death as the runway of our lives gets shorter. She courageously addresses questions like these:
• How can we continue to find meaning in life when we already know the end of the story? 
• Is it possible to love our aging bodies as we once loved our younger selves?
• How can we continue to love our aging mates when they grow short-tempered, and impatient and can’t play with us or interact with us the way they used to?
• What can we do to sustain the vitality of our relationship with our mate when we grow old and the strobe lights dim, lust wanes, and mating rituals are transformed into the bonds of friendship?
• What can we do to make sure that doctors and hospitals act in our best interest, and contribute rather than detract from the quality of our lives?
• How can we manage the inherent conflict between our own desire to remain autonomous and our childrens’ desire to keep us safe?
• What does it feel like to lose the love of our life? How can we survive the journey through the land of the shadows and emerge on the other side with our sense of self intact?
• How can we learn to accept that we will die, and therefore deny death its power to terrify?
• Is there a good way to die?


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