Death Cafe wanted in North Texas

Posted by Jon Underwood on Dec. 15, 2014, 11:50 p.m. 6 comments

Death Cafe wanted in North Texas

"Hi, I just found out about this concept--the Death Cafes--and I see thelistings online--all over the world, but not one near me--in the Dallas, Texas area.   I would like to attend, but don't have the energy to start one up.   I wonder if there are any other interested in starting a Death Cafe in the Denton County or Dallas County area--north Texas.   Thanks so  so much!."


I am curious to know if a Death Cafe is now in Denton, I am interested in this idea.

Posted by Joyce

I'm currently in Dallas, Tx. Is there a death cafe operating here now? 15/1/17

Posted by JoAna


I'm studying nursing CEU assignments and came across this site. I'm in Tarrant Co as well, and very interested. I'm a former hospice nurse and bereaved as well with several recent deaths of loved ones. I would like to attend and/or help to facilitate a death Cafe in Ft Worth. Robin, are you still interested?

Posted by Tina


Hopefully you have been contacted by someone locally who is in a position to host a Death Café in north Texas. I do know there is one in Austin, and perhaps someone from Austin would be willing to come to your area and host one. It's worth asking the question. As a native Texan not living in Texas at this time, I am interested in what goes on in my home state. I facilitate Death Cafes in Nevada and California.

Posted by Paula Schneider

Hi, I'm planning to host a cafe in Tarrant County. We've not set a date or time, but have a possible venue. Please contact me if you're interested!

Posted by Robin

Upcoming north Texas cafes
I’ll be keeping that page updated with any Dallas/ft worth metroplex cafes I find, including the ones I plan to host (April 20, 2018)

Posted by End of Life North Texas

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