Death Cafe Berryville, VA October 5, 2014

Posted by Mary Jane Lee on Oct. 9, 2014, 8:36 a.m.

Death Cafe  Berryville, VA October 5, 2014

Death Cafe     October 5, 2014


On a sunny, breezy fall day in Virginia about twenty people came together at the Barns for the second Death Cafe.  We sat at tables of five or six people who dialogued for an hour, then come together as a larger group to open the floor for discussion.  Freshly brewed coffee, hot tea, and homemade scones fired up the conversation.


This time the dialogue carried with it a commonality among groups.  Most feel ritual has value after someone dies, and some feel the sooner after death, the better.  Should we suffer through physical pain or should we use medication even if it clouds consciousness?  Does suffering through pain have value?  Does medication prevent lucidity and consciousness to be present as death approaches? What is it like to hasten death by stopping eating and drinking?  Some agree that feeling like one’s life has value or is productive matters on how we die, and live.  Does preparing for dying and death make any difference on how we die? 


There were many questions and some present had experience which allowed them to offer information to increase awareness on these issues. 


The Death Cafe is always very well received by the participants; there is eagerness to share, and at times tears of sorrow find a safe and receptive place to land.  And there is humor, respect, and ease.


So, “what is it like to be dead?” someone asked. 

 Someone else answered..”don’t know, and the dead don’t care.”

Or do they?



The next Berryville, Virginia Death Cafe will be November 2, 2014 at the Barns from 1230pm-230pm.

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