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Posted by Columbus Death Cafe/Lizzy Miles on Aug. 2, 2014, 5:39 a.m. 3 comments

If you landed a Death Cafe interview and you are nervous about talking to the media, send me a message through this website and I can help you prepare.  

Over the past two years I have done quite a few media interviews on Death Cafe: newspaper, magazine, radio, television.  I know what types of questions are asked. There are nuances to each media type as well.  I was really nervous in the beginning, so I know what that stress can feel like.

All of the Death Cafe media has been positive so far, so don't worry!


hello again, just to clarify that I made a typo ( I don't think it was a Freudian slip :) my regards are warm, I don't want to talk about war, Anita

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hello, thanks so much for your offer of media support. We are a members of a bereavement support network and would like to host a death cafe and would appreciate hearing of your experience. What types of questions are asked by the media etc.? war, regards, Anita

Posted by Anita Hoare

Media Questions

Anita, the most common questions the media asks are:

*What exactly is a death cafe? (please use language from to explain general concept and principles)
*Isn't it morbid to sit around and talk about death?
(No! - then elaborate based on your POV)
*Who comes to these events?
(This can vary by location... if you have already hosted one you can describe your personal experience with who came to yours. Want to emphasize that it's open to the entire community and that in general a wide variety of age/backgrounds are interested).

*What do people talk about?
(Always want to emphasize that the conversation topics are attendee-driven and therefore vary with each event. If you have already hosted, you can give examples, but be sure to emphasize they aren't "topics".)

Questions about you
*How did you find out about Death Cafe?
*What is your background?
*What interests you in hosting?
*How do you feel about _____ (something death related).

The nature of the interview and the number of questions will vary depending on whether its newspaper, radio, magazine or television.

hope this helps. If you have more questions, feel free to email me (you can through the website)

Posted by Columbus Death Cafe/Lizzy Miles

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