Authentic Death Cafes

Posted by Jon Underwood on July 26, 2014, 9:55 p.m. 3 comments

Authentic Death Cafes

Hi everyone,


This is a post I have put off writing for some time.


Sadly there are people who are using the name Death Cafe without permission, and in certain cases with motives that I am personally not comfortable with. 


Please note:

- Only Death Cafes listed on this site it have confirmed with us that they follow the Death Cafe guidelines and standards of behaviour. If a Death Cafe is not listed here they haven't made that committment.

- There is no other website for Death Cafe apart from this one. If you find a website apart from this with the words 'deathcafe' in the web address or title it is not connected with or approved by us in any way. 


Many of us are working hard to keep Death Cafe consistent and ethical. This is proving a complex task! Please do help with this by not starting up other Death Cafe websites, reading and adhering to our guidelines and feeding back anything that concerns you. 


Thank you,




@ Sandy Stork

Hi Sandy,

I will email you about this.


Posted by Jon Underwood

Rev Dr

I don't see ours listed at Ethical Cultural Society.

I have had a couple of conversations with you. We follow the suggested ouline

Posted by barbara simpson


Thank you Jon for maintaining a movement that remains consistent and ethical. You have created something that is really responding to a need.

Posted by Kit

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