Preparing Loved Ones for Plans to Suicide

Posted by Kathy Miller, LCPC on June 23, 2014, 8:29 a.m. 4 comments

Thought-provoking article about preparing loved ones for plans to suicide. Reinforces the importance of talking about death as a part of life.


Best Obituary

I have always read the obituaries. And I saw her obit in the NYT . I was so moved I cut it out to keep. So happy to see a link to her story here at Death Café. Thank you for posting it.

Posted by Decorina

I am so grateful for the link of this article. Many if my hours during the week are spend with people who are terminally ill, who are in chronic, crippling and all consuming pain and feel so incredibly isolated because the discussion of suicide is a taboo which they aren't able to break. I am not advocating suicide, have been on the phones of Lifeline for many years, preventing people from seeing suicide as their only option but must say that there are times when suicide is a rational decision and it needs to be talked about. With much gratitude for sharing this, Phoebe ❤️

Posted by Phoebe

It is time to prepare my daughters for my passing, although I have no idea where to begin. As they are both adults now it's obvious that the time has come. I wonder if anyone knows a handle loving way to begin this conversation

Posted by Just carrie

My suicide

People who send suicidal people to a hotline really don’t care..

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