New Death Cafe logo

Posted by Jon Underwood on March 31, 2014, 4:04 p.m. 6 comments

New Death Cafe logo

I am proud to announce our new Death Cafe logo! This has been the product of considerable thought and work and I am really pleased with it.

Thanks so much to Phil Cooper of Petit Mal for producing it.

Thanks so much to Lizzy, Megan and particularly Jools who offered advice and discussed the skull issue with me.
I say 'skull issue' because I know some people really hate the image of a skull. However we wanted an image that immediately communicated something about what we did and we couldn't find anything better than the cup and the skull. Also people love the photo of the pink cup which is beautiful but we didn't create.
I hope you love, like or at least are ok with it. Please let me know what you think.
I will make this image available for download in high quality for your use on artwork. However please respect our wish by not producing Death Cafe merchandise for sale at this point. 

I also feel I owe an update on the bricks and mortar Death Cafe and this will come asap.




Vault of Heaven

Jon, one of my favorite books of all time is The Penguin Dictionary of Symbols. I use it frequently as a reference. Anyway, I looked up "skull," and found that amongst other interpretations, it is sometimes regarded as the vault of heaven. Two quotes: "The location of the head, the dome shape of the skull and its role as a spiritual centre have often led to its being compared with the Heaven of the human body." "In Freemasonry, the skull symbolizes the cycle of initiation through the death of the body as the prelude to rebirth at a higher level of life and in a state in which the spirit rules." I have no problem with using the skull in the logo and am looking forward to including the logo in the art work for our Death Cafes here in Northern Nevada, USA.

Posted by Paula Schneider

Lol spoke too soon! It has been suggested that there hasn't been more negative feedback as it might hurt my feelings! Please do not worry about this at all I am fairly resilient. Nothing is fixed and I would very much welcome any comments you have, both here or on email underwoodjon @

Posted by Jon Underwood

Thanks deathcafenv and everyone who has shared their thoughts on the logo. I have had a number of positive comments and no negative comments as yet. But the most noticeable thing is not too many comments at all. I take this as a good sign :)

The variety of diverse artwork that Death Cafe generates is really fantastic. Thanks to everyone jamming with the death symbols! In time I will make a gallery of Death Cafe posters.

Posted by Jon Underwood

Is the high quality download available now? We are having our first Death Cafe in Knoxville Tennessee this month and would really like to use it.

Posted by JennyArthur

Please advise how we can get a high resolution version of this artwork.

Posted by Ellonyia L Yenney

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Posted by Elizabet Stecker

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