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Posted by Nancy Rhine on March 2, 2014, 2:32 p.m. 3 comments

Hi all, I am new here. I have been so intrigued and excited by the Death Cafe movement. I've been involved in work with folks who are aging and with death and dying for 12 years now. I'm planning a Death Cafe here in Marin County north of San Francisco for late April. I'm wondering, since I'm not an artist, whether any of you have a template for a flyer that you wouldn't mind sharing. I imagine down the line we will come up with our own unique one but since we're just getting started I thought I'd ask. Thanks!


Flyer optional

You really don't need a flyer... I have hosted 16 events so far and have not used flyers. If you really want one, I would suggest browsing through the feed to look at other ones and see if something inspires you. We are all inspired by each other. Some of the simple ones are the nicest.

I would strongly suggest getting listed in community newspapers under events in addition to any social media. I have found that there is a direct relationship between age diversity and how/where I advertise. Getting listed on the Death Cafe website is key of course. once you are there you can reference all your social media to that listing. Word of mouth does wonders. Also note, many Death Cafes are popular with people already in the industry... I would invite hospice volunteers, workers, etc. You can send a nice email with a link to your Death Cafe posting and maybe a link to one of the more popular news articles that explains what a Death Cafe is. Hope this helps!

Posted by Columbus Death Cafe/Lizzy Miles


Hey Nancy! Word has some flyer templates that you could start with, but you may also google "free flyer templates" and find some that you might like to work from. You might also commission a logo from a graphic designer or ask a local university with a graphic design degree program if their students would be willing to donate some ideas.

Posted by Ashley Gage

Hi Lizzy and Gagela - thanks for your feedback and pointers! I did look all around here on the site and then ended up using PowerPoint to make a simple flyer which I posted here and am happy to share with anyone.

Posted by Nancy Rhine

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