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Posted by Columbus Death Cafe/Lizzy Miles on Jan. 19, 2014, 5:26 p.m. 7 comments

Curious how many practitioners are passing out surveys after the events. If you are, are you tabulating your results?  What have you learned from the surveys?  If you have tabulated results, I would love to see them.  It would be interesting to see how similar or different the events are perceived by region.  (Granted, the host/environment has a lot to do with it too).




Hi Lizzy,

I did pass out surveys at my first session, and I did tabulate the results, although I left it more "open form" than the suggested survey on the website, following along with the general guidelines of what death cafes are all about. It made it a little more difficult to make the results cohesive, but gave the participants an opportunity to share more about the session privately if they wanted to. The results were super positive. The more critique/suggestive comments were along the exact lines of things I was thinking needed tweaking so it was nice to get some positive reinforcement on that. This is getting long! Hahaha we've emailed before in the past if you want to inbox me!

Posted by Kristen

Hi Lizzy,
I did pass out survey's at the first few events and found that people didn't like having to fill them out. Now I ask at the end of the evening if anyone has any comments they would like to share relating to what they would like to see different or what they would like to continue.

Posted by nancy

Evaluation Forms

I use them at every death café and have found that those who don't want to fill one out just don't fill one out. I scan and save them on my computer. I look for theme suggestions and one was that we use name tags, so for my next death café, Jan. 25, we are using name tags. Since Jonathan suggests using evaluation sheets, I use his format. It works for us!

Posted by Paula Schneider

We do pass out surveys and have have found them to be extremely helpful, informative and encouraging. They're always optional and usually passed out at the beginning of the event, often with a program. We've been able to learn a lot about how to better serve our participants' needs through the surveys and are continuously making adjustments in our format in response to our feedback. I'd be happy to share our findings with you, as well as our survey template if you'd like. And I too would be very interested to see how different D.C. events compare to each other. I wish I could do a Death Cafe world tour! :)

Posted by Kate Brassington

Evaluations & Comments

Yes! We hand out Evaluation Forms at every meeting. I've been doing it at the end but next time I am going to hand them out at the beginning so people have time to think/write on them during the conversations. I abbreviated mine to one page with 5 questions. The feedback and comments are very valuable. They also help when I do the writeup of the Death Cafe after the meeting. There are usually only one or two people who choose not to fill them out. We continue to receive the overwhelming majority ranking us 5 out of 5 as being excellent. I agree with Kate and would love to do a Death Cafe World Tour!

Posted by Anita Larson

I would love to see the surveys you all use. I imagine that each group can tailor them to fit their needs? I'm new to all this, so how could I get a copy of what you all are doing?

Posted by Claire

Template of the surveys

Where can I find the survey? I handed paper copies out at my DC and want to send it to people in a word doc....I have searched this site...

Posted by LamiraMartin

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