Poem by Dave Benn

Posted by Jon Underwood on Aug. 1, 2013, 10:55 p.m. 3 comments

Poem by Dave Benn

"Fairyland around the bend
Keep on trucking until the end" 
Said Mr Natural with spit in his beard
Looking for Merlin who was called "Weird"
The wishing tree of Wendy-hood
Can be seen when the trees are in bud
But as the green-leaves turn to grey
The grim reaper is't far way
The yew in the church yard
Could stand next to your body one day
As the Rook keeps on croaking what more can I say?



Posted by Mark Hendriksen


My old friend sorry I missed you but I'll see you in the next world don't be late.
Lobsang Tenzing

Posted by keith ames-rook

Nice poem

"Looking for Merlin who was called "Weird"' -> I'm living like a Merlin nowadays, specially with a big beard and such.

Posted by The Silence

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