Seeking Your Perspectives

Posted by CocoEcke on May 16, 2023, 11:43 a.m.

To whomever is reading this,


This is a sensitive subject and the following lines are expressed with respect and care.


I'm working for a globally published author, who is writing her new book about how to live a meaningful life, but specifically from the perspectives of people who currently have or who have had a relationship with death.


We believe this perspective is infinitely valuable when it comes to teaching people how to truly live.


With this post, I'm looking for anyone who has faced end of life and is open to answer a few questions around it in order to contribute to a powerful resource for people on how to live life to the fullest.


By contributing, a framework of advice for people can be crafted regarding living a fulfilling life.


No personal details will be shared in the book, neither do we need your name, you can stay completely anonymous.


What the author is looking to do is to take the valuable insight that are shared and convert it into advice for people to live by.
So even though we seek insights from people who have faced end of life, the questions and book center around how to live a fulfilling life.
Some questions, as an example, are: How has your experience changed your perspective on life? What do you wish you would have known or learned sooner? What makes life worth living?


If you're open to looking at the questions that we crafted for contributors to answer, please folloe the link above to the questionnaire.

If hou have any questions, please reach out to me any time.


Thank you so much.



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