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Posted by nightrose on April 11, 2023, 9:48 p.m. 4 comments

Hi! Of course I understand the spirit of this section of the rules:

"8.5 It is ok for you to mention your business in your Death Cafe biography. It isn't appropriate for your business to be mentioned at the Death Cafe session. Reports that you're promoting your business via Death Cafe will be investigated."

I'm looking to start a death café, and I work in many aspects of the field. Since people will know that from reading my bio, it seems likely they will ask me about my business at the café. I am fine with leaning into a response that supports non-solcitiation during the event…but what do folks do when an attendee wants to connect after an event, or even hire you? Does this rule apply only within the space of the event itself?


Thanks in advance! I'd like to get started on the right foot.


Death Cafe Volunteer, co host Virtual Death Cafe Albany

Nightrose, I appreciate your interest to start a Death Cafe. Ask, what are my motives? I am not prepared to delineate rules. Your written submission to post your Death Cafe on the website will be carefully read for compliance with Terms and Conditions. Here is my preferences during Death Cafe nobody identifies as anything different, we are all mortals. Nobody describes or provides flyers or biz cards. I like hosts who let people know your availability following the gathering to point them to additional resources as needed. Since we are not grief or counseling group, that may be something those in attendance may seek. As to "hire you" In my professional life I always offered 3 referrals, not sure what to say for you in this context. Get started on the "right foot" wonderful. Jim


I think it is fine to say that the Death Cafe is about the participants and if anyone has questions about your work that would be happy to answer them after the event ends.

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Death Cafe Host

Is there an EIN for Death Cafe? We (Death Cafe 907) would like to use a space for our meeting that requires verification of non-profit status prior to scheduling us (as the space is basically free to nonprofit entities serving the community).
Quick response greatly appreciated . . .
Thanks to all doing this amazing work!!!

Linda Johnson

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I think you should be much clearer about boundaries and I question your attempt to self-police these. Why would anyone 'want to connect' with you after a DC unless you had put the idea into their head? Given you already have so many other connections in the field why do you want a Death Cafe? What are you going to give and get out of it (barring business)? We are very concerned about people's vulnerabilities and say 'its NOT a place for commercial/ business activity' at the beginning of every meeting. We share resources via a WhatsApp but nothing with a conflict of interest

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