Where's the Line?

Posted by Gina Vliet on March 25, 2021, 1:06 p.m. 2 comments

I have been hosting Death Cafe every 2-3 weeks since 2018. I am also a Death Educator in real life. However, I have been very careful never to mention what I do, nor allow industry people to use DC as a marketing or advice-giving platform. I've also attended a couple of other DC's where it was like a networking event for EOL industry people. Definitely don't want that. 

I want to ensure a safe space for open discussion with no expectations of an outcome. But human beings are problem solvers! 

My question for you is: where is the line? Do you offer advice and resources in your cafes? Do you allow information sharing and problem solving when pragmatic questions are asked? I do not wish to instruct or educate, but I keep getting asked by my regulars to provide insight, and I am not sure how to proceed. AM I being to rigid in how I am interpereting the rules? 

Looking for guidance on the spirit and intent of Death Cafe. 

With gratitude, Gina


Hi Gina! I was wondering if you ever received a response to your inquiry? I am just starting my DC journey and would also have loved to see others responses! Best of luck to you!

Posted by Nicky

Hi Gina

I held some support groups last year for the charity Dying Matters and followed their guidelines as to topics and where to sign post people if they were looking for specific advice. Hope that helps. Tracy

Posted by Tracy Barber

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