Whopassed.com Nationwide Obituary Platform

Posted by Maggieg on Nov. 29, 2020, 2:07 p.m.

Whopassed.com Nationwide Obituary Platform

Create & Publish a Self Obituary

  • Writing one's own obituary is an edearing & everlasting gesture inviting everyone to hear about the story of one's life directly from the person who lived it

Write & Publish an Obituary

  • Eliminate anxiety of limited death notification
  • Enhance obituary writing experience & elicit closure
  • Whopassed obituaries are instantly published to relatives & friends; past & present
  • Not limited by size & space of newspaper print, incorporate meaningful photos, & are affordable $49.99

Instant Death Notification to Communities, Relatives, Friends, & Health Care Providers Past & Present

  • Empower families and friends to begin the beautiful journey of mending the tear in the fabric of their community that is caused when someone they love dies.

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