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Posted by Paintmiller1 on Nov. 10, 2020, 12:10 a.m. 3 comments

Hello, I'm in a rather sad and odd position with a dear friend in the US (New Mexic) dying from MS. She is quite paralyzed and it's becoming very difficult for her to swallow and the paralyzed Disability is getting worse and worse. she has been approved for assisted diying in Switzerland and very very very much wants to get there. This is of course been complicated with Covid restrictions because they would send a caretaker from Europe to get her in there because she cannot make that trip alone with her disability. Europeans are not allowed into the US, however US citizens are allowed into Switzerland and allowed to return to the US as well. I am looking for any sources of nursing care that she can pay someone to take her to Switzerland and get her through those flights and to her destinations. She may need the nurse to stay for some days while she settles in. Nursing care would not have to stay for the assisted dying event. Do you know of anywhere where I could get anyone that would fit this description that she could pay? They do not have to be an actual nurse but definitely a strong an able-bodied caretaker. She can get herself around she's not completely paralyzed but it will be a very difficult trip for her. Please let me know if you have any insight. Thank you!


It may be too late for your friend specifically, but this might help others who are reading later on - anyone can do VSED - Voluntarily Stopping Eating & Drinking. Especially if they have some kind of legal document stating that they do not wish to be intubated/artificially kept alive with feeding tubes etc. Not quite the same, but it is still a valid, no cost option.

Posted by Karly M.

Colorado is tight next door and has passed a law allowing medical aid in dying. I have experience with the law and can talk to you about it in more detail if you'd like.

Posted by Ann

I have just read your post from Nov. 2020 and was wondering if your friend is still need of some help getting to Switzerland.

Posted by S. Clark

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