Organising death cafes during Covid

Posted by Juliasinclair on Aug. 21, 2020, 12:49 p.m. 6 comments

Hi All,

I've been thinking about doing this for a very long time and have decided to go ahead with it!

I just wondered (considering this climate) about how others have been managing with group gatherings because of Covid, if at all? 

I will start it on zoom if I need to but I'd much rather have just a small group where I can keep social distancing either at my home or in a local cafe.

I'd welcome your thoughts on it.

Many thanks




Julia, I would be interested in participating/joining your group. Could you please contact me if that is possible.
Thank you.

Posted by Shirley K

Death cafe Nikity

Olá a todos,
Estou interessada em iniciar o death cafe na cidade de Niterói - Brasil. Nesse momento será importante esse espaço. Conheci o death cafe Goiânia com a organizadora Jacqueline Amaral, que será minha madrinha para me apoiar no início do death cafe na minha cidade. Gostaria de marcar o primeiro encontro no dia 02 de novembro, dia dos mortos. Estou muito animada em participar desse movimento. O encontro seria pela plataforma Zoom dia 02/11 das 9h às 10:30. Grata. Ana Cristina

Posted by Ana Cristina Barros Fróes

Just start one! It's wonderful. All you need is an online platform. I've hosted 27 Virtual Cafe's since Covid. We are in 8th year of Cafe's in Tucson, Arizona. Our Cafe's are Wednesday's 10-11:30am (MST) weekly if you want to join in. Am happy to help if I can email is

Posted by Isabel Amorous

Be Flexible

I know I'm late to the game in responding, but I had an in-person pre-COVID and have transitioned to virtual (Zoom) meetups and I have to say it's been great. I have people attending from all over now, even from other countries, which really makes the conversation great. I will continue a virtual café even once we're back to being able to do face to face.

Having said that, however, if you can find a public (outdoor) space that has the space for proper physical distancing and follows local COVID protocols for gathering, I'd say try it! It really depends on what works for you. I always found trying to find a venue challenging, so virtual has made my life easier, and the conversation hasn't suffered.

Posted by Gina Vliet

Just have to follow whatever your city's COVID restrictions are at any given times, and people can wear masks and distance etc. as long as you're not breaking any laws/mandates then go ahead.
Virtual is great too, virtual facilitating is a skill, you could practice with a few friends first if needed. The "raise hand" feature is good, and having a 2nd facilitator to monitor the chat so you see/respond to comments as well.

Posted by Karly M.

Hello! I'm very interested in hosting my first Death Cafe and I'm especially interested in the online setting because of the current Covid restrictions. Can I ask to the ones who have already explored this option how do you actually facilitate the discussion I terms taking turns speaking? Do you use the "Rise Hand" button, do you use the group chat for questions? Do you just let people speak with no ground rules on how to take turns? My concern borns from the fact that sometimes online is difficult to take the floor without interrupting someone who's already speaking, but maybe my concern is not realistic...I'm not sure...

Posted by Francesca

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