Forgetting May: On dementia, love and loss

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Forgetting May: On dementia, love and loss

If you or someone you know are supporting someone who is living with dementia and find yourselves wondering what lies up ahead on the road, Forgetting May was written for you. Search @forgettingmay on Instagram for free excerpts and more information.


May is a tough, resourceful woman who was born in a pit village in the North East of England and dedicated her life to caring for others. Niels spent his formative years doing everything from evading the Nazis in occupied Holland to ferrying monks across the choppy waters of the Celtic Sea to a tiny monastery on Caldey Island. Now Niels lies dying in hospital and May is in a respite home as her dementia is too advanced for her to be left on her own at home. Her son, Julian, is driving hundreds of miles to see her and soon realises that her condition is worse than he thought. As if overnight, his dear Mam has lost her husband, her home and herself. What kind of quality of life can he give her now? How will it feel to be forgotten by the woman he loves, who sacrificed so much to protect him? Forgetting May follows the process of a mind unravelling, in an honest and revealing tale of what happens when dementia lands in the family. Unpacking this terrifying diagnosis, it will leave readers knowing more, while feeling less afraid.


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