Posted by ElyDeathCafe on May 4, 2020, 3:08 a.m.

I found a really useful thread after typing in "Death Cafe and suicide conversations". It was good to have Jon's comments & others' views. In my 3 years of hosting I haven't come across this (other than people attending whose relatives or friends had committed suicide).

Yesterday we had a young woman attend who for years has wished to die. She is not ill. She has made detailed plans but is in limbo for various reasons. It

certainly made the group

think about our own

attitudes, beliefs and so on &

we handled it well in the

moment. She probably will

attend again so any

comments most welcome. I

thought about asking her

what she's hoping to get

from the group. What is most useful from us - as facilitators & participants? Obviously something drew her to attend. 

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