Interview participants wanted for a research project on death and grief

Posted by AndyMurrell on Oct. 7, 2019, 11:15 a.m.

Hi. I'm looking for people to interview for a research project that will attempt to find out why we announce the deaths of our loved ones on social media, and what this means for our relationship with death and grief.

When I was 24, my mum passed away after a battle with cancer. Amongst the grief and shock I felt, I remember thinking how I should inform people. After deciding to use social media, I spent a long time trying to composing a message that was informative and respectful, but also expressed my feelings at the time. It proved a lot more difficult than expected.

It made me realise that the way we inform others of a loved one’s passing is a sizeable part of the duties involved following a death. By offering to discuss this sensitive topic with a researcher, your experience and perspective will help to provide a fuller picture of the grieving process. 

·        If you want to participate or you wish to ask any questions, please contact Andrew Murrell at

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