College Death Cafe

Posted by Gerry Grossman on April 17, 2019, 11:39 a.m. 2 comments

College Death Cafe

We are hosting a Death Cafe at the local college soon.  We thought that we would take a bit of a different approach to getting interest by posting a "Coming Soon" poster first and then follow up in one week with a date/time/location poster.  We are part of a local non-profit that hopes to start "the conversation" among groups in our city.


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How did this work out for you? there is so much information out there these days, I worry that your announcement would be frustrating to people to not have details. I don't think Death Cafe needs a ton of marketing. You're not going to 'convince' people to go. They either want to talk about death or they don't. I hosted two dozen events before I ever did a flyer

Posted by Columbus Death Cafe/Lizzy Miles

I think this is an amazing idea to do a coming soon and to hold at a college!!!

Posted by Anatomyofasunset

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