Time, organization

Posted by Uwe on Feb. 21, 2019, 5:18 a.m.

Hey, we are planning to host our first Death Café (in Graz, Austria). We did something like that in a more private setting (but still with a big group) and it was great. For a public event we are still wondering:

- Do you have your discussions in a big group or do you split them in smaller groups. In my experience it makes sense to split groups, so there are not more than, say 8 people per group (what do you think is a good number?).

- How do you handle people who are late? We are wondering how strict we should be on punctuality. On the one hand we don't want to exclude people who are (very) late, on the other hand they might disturb ongoing conversations - especially if they have already gotten a little more intimate and personal. I don't know if that ever happens in a public Death Café.

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